AJGA Qualifier

The RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour was awarded an AJGA Qualifier in 2018! We appreciate the parties involved to make this a possibility for our tour, and for our players!

How will it work?

The AJGA Qualifier will take place over 2 separate days in May at the prestigious Reflection Bay Golf Club. May 19th will be day 1 of the event, followed by day 2 on May 23rd.

The field is limited to boys & girls in the 13-18 age groups. It will be an invitational event as we are limited to only 32 total spots.

How can you qualify?

We will have Automatic Bids available to all RLJGT participants before opening on the registration process.

How do you get an Automatic Bid?

1.) Play in any of the 2018 events before the AJGA Qualifier and win the tournament. Winners of each event will get an automatic bid.

2.) Be in First or Second in Player of the Year points race after the final event before the AJGA Qualifier.

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