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We recently caught up with Caroline Valle who plays on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour (RLJGT), and is also working with RecruitLook Scout, Tommy Canale, to assist with her college recruitment. Caroline is a 2020 graduate that plays for Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas, Nevada while attending Coral Academy for academics.

Valle has played on the RLJGT since 2016. She has won twice on the tour: The Summerlin Shootout in 2016 and the North Las Vegas Junior Championship in 2017.

Here is our Question and Answer with Caroline Valle:


RLJGT: What have you enjoyed about the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour?
CV: All the events are a lot of fun and the courses are very nice. Also, all the other players here (on the RLJGT) are very friendly and play fairly. It creates for a fun environment.

RLJGT: What was your favorite moment so far on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour?
CV: Honestly, just making friends during the tournaments is always my favorite time during the events. I look forward to seeing everyone each tournament.

RLJGT: What was your favorite course on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour?
CV: I would say Dragon Ridge.

RLJGT: What has surprised you about the college recruiting process?
CV: It’s easier than my own school said it would be, and a lot of that is because Tommy (Canale) is there to help. It isn’t too bad right now even though I have to constantly update my profile; but it helps to get my name out there. 

RLJGT: What have you enjoyed about the college recruiting process?
CV:  I have been able to meet and talk with some great coaches and learn more from them about what college is like. It’s interesting to hear what each school has to offer. 

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RLJGT:  Which schools are most actively recruiting you?
CV:  I am in contact with the coach from Rocky Mountain College quite a bit, and a few others that Tommy has gotten me in touch with. I’m just exploring my options at this time. 

RLJGT: Has playing on the RLJGT & working with Tommy Canale helped your recruitment?
CV: Yes, it has gotten my name out there more than just being on the high school team. 

RLJGT: What is one piece of advice from Tommy Canale, your golf coach, your parents, mental coach, or whoever that has made a lasting impression you?
CV: Never get discouraged no matter how bad of a day I’m having on the course. Take it one shot at a time. 

RLJGT: Any junior golfer getting ready to start the recruiting process… what advice do you have for them?
CV: Be yourself with the recruiters and with the college coaches.  When they are watching you play, don’t change anything and don’t feel intimidated by them. You control how things go, good and bad, so learn from it all. 

RLJGT: What has been your biggest accomplishment in golf over the past year?
CV: Lowering my score little by little. I’ve been working really hard to shoot lower numbers. It is nice to see my hard work paying off. I would add that my freshman season at the high school level was probably the highlight of golf in the past year. We had a good season. 

RLJGT: What are your strengths and weaknesses on the golf course?
CV: Being able to recover from a bad shot or bad lie. I work a lot on this part of my game, and I feel like I can get out of most challenging situations. A weakness would probably be my short game. It has improved over the year but still needs work.

RLJGT: What do you enjoy doing besides golf?
CV: I like doing watercolor when I have time.


If you would like to follow Caroline Valle during the RLJGT, then go to her College Recruiting Profile on RecruitLook.


Are you interested in joining Caroline on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour? The RLJGT is open to boys and girls from ages 9-18. Learn more at the RLJGT website.

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