Press Credential Request

We welcome all Press to cover the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour!  If you would like to attend the event, or are interested in running a story about the tour — please contact event organizer Paul Brown.

Paul Brown

Cell: (702) 883-9197 

Email :

Scouting Credential Request is the official College Scouting Company for the RLJGT.  There will not be any other “scouting/recruiting service” allowed on the tour without the proper credentials.   Any questions please contact

Mike Enright.

RecruitLook Office : (816) 875-0260

Email :


College Coaches Credentials

Your next recruit is playing on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour!  All college coaches are welcome to attend one of our 15 different events.  We encourage you to come out and scout the talent on hand.  You can view the Tour Schedule and show up at your connivence, or you can contact Tommy Canale to alert us of your attendance.  We can let golfers know which coaches are showing up, and we’ll include you in the tournament results.

Tommy Canale

Phone : (815) 822-3126 

Email :