Mike Enright
Co-Founder & Business Development

Mike Enright began his career as a basketball scout, traveling across the country to various high-profile events in search of the top talent; that lead to the development of RecruitLook.com.

“Too many athletes and parents were coming to me at events wanting to know how to get their son or daughter recruited. That wasn’t my business at the time, but it was very clear there was a relatively untapped market when it came to assisting families the right way with the recruiting process.” -Enright

The RecruitLook brand has grown since starting as an online educational blog in 2008. The company now has Scouts across the country and offers a more in-depth, hands-on recruiting approach with high school athletes. RecruitLook has expanded operations into other areas of recruiting under Enright’s direction.

“We definitely recognize what we are good at and where we have come from. Assisting athletes through the recruiting process is always going to be a staple of RecruitLook; we now want to capitalize on our growth to venture into other avenues of what athletes, parents and fans want from the college recruiting process.” -Enright