Q&A with rising 2018 golf prospect Rebecca Oertel

Rebecca Oertel is a 2018 rising golf prospect from Las Vegas, Nevada playing on the 2017 RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour (RLJGT). Oertel is currently second in the points standings after 3 events this year, and she’s coming off one of her best performances to date on the tour — shooting a 77-79/156 total to capture the Boulder City Junior Golf Championship

Oertel is no stranger to success on the RLJGT having won the 2016 Player of the Year for the Girls 15-18 division as a sophomore. 

“Rebecca is playing some really good golf right now, and you can tell she’s been putting in the extra work to get better. Repeating as a Tour Champion takes the skills but also the mental game. It’s fun watching her start to put it all together,” says Tommy Canale, RecruitLook’s National Scout.

We recently caught up with Oertel to talk a little golf, college recruiting, and her interest.

RLJGT:  What have you enjoyed about the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour?
RO:  I have enjoyed the opportunities to enhance my game, especially course management. Tournaments occur once or twice every month, so I am able to play often and learn from my mistakes.

RLJGT:  What was your favorite moment so far on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour?
RO:  My favorite moment was at the event at Boulder City Golf Course, where I shot in the 70s both days. I have been practicing for at least two hours every day, and my two day total gave me a boost of confidence and acknowledgement towards my hard work.

RLJGT:  What was your favorite course on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour?
RO:  My favorite course was Reflection Bay held for the Tour Championship. I love this course because it is always in the best condition, as well as it is challenging.

RLJGT:  What has surprised you about the college recruiting process?
RO:  Most surprising to me was the importance of and emphasis on grades. I was under the impression that scores mattered most, and grades came second. However, after experiencing some of the college recruiting process, I have learned that grades are the major factor for playing in college.

How important are grades in college recruiting

RLJGT:  What have you enjoyed about the college recruiting process?
RO:  I have enjoyed researching potential colleges, as well as speaking to coaches over the phone. I’m really excited to do a college visit soon.

RLJGT:  Who is your favorite professional golfer?
RO:  My favorite professional golfer is Lexi Thompson.

RLJGT:  What do you enjoy doing besides golf?
RO:  I like to go hiking at Red Rock Canyon when the weather is nice.

You can join Rebecca on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour here

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