Summer Eligibility Division for College Golfers

We’re excited to launch the Summer Eligibility Division on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour for any collegiate golfer looking to compete on great courses and work on their game.

This event is open for 18-22 year olds that are committed to playing college golf or are currently playing college golf. The collegiate golfers will compete in the expanded 15-22 Boys and Girls Divisions on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour.

“We saw two main benefits to rolling this out — This is a great opportunity for golfers to come back to their hometown and play competitive golf, and our junior golfers get to see what it takes to play at the next level. It’s a win-win.”

Tommy Canale – RecruitLook National Scout & Co-Founder RLJGT

Important Info about the Summer Eligibility Division

Why is it called the Summer Eligibility Division?
-We are only opening this up to college golfers, and most of their schedules only allow for them to be eligible to participate in the summer.

The upcoming events that are available for the Summer Eligibility Division in 2019?
-Anthem Shootout : July 2-3 at Anthem Country Club
-Junior Players Championship : July 23-24 at Las Vegas Country Club
-Las Vegas Valley Junior Championship : August 5-7 at Dragon Ridge, Rio Secco, and Southern Highlands
You can register here

How will Player of the Year Points be calculated with college players playing in the expanded 15-22 Division?
-The college players are competing only. They won’t accumulate Player of the Year points in the 15-22 Division, which won’t alter the 15-18 Boys or Girls Divisions when college players are now playing in it. The winners of each tournament will still be the top finishers in the Boys & Girls 15-18 age group playing in the Summer Eligibility Division.

Will there be a separate Tour Champion for the Summer Eligibility Division?
-No. The college players won’t be eligible to win any trophies or tour championships. We will recognize them on social media and recaps, but they are not going to be part of the Player of the Year Points.

How much is it to play in the Summer Eligibility Division?
-It is the same price for anyone that wants to play the tour. You can pay to be member to get the member price, or you can register as a non-member and pay per event.

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