Tommy Canale
Co-Founder & National Scout

Tommy is a former junior college Athletic Director and Head Men’s Basketball and Golf Coach. Tommy has also studied the sports of Softball, Volleyball, and Baseball and has vast recruiting experience. He was a certified football official for 17 years in Illinois and has been involved in athletics his entire life.

Tommy’s area of expertise is knowing what it takes to play at the next level. He truly understands how athletics can aid in a person’s discipline, character, and teach life lessons along the way. His motto has always been: ‘No Grades, No Play’. Canale’s athletic department with over 100 student-athletes carried a combined 3.0 GPA with many of them earning scholarships to play at four year schools. Tommy is a hard working individual who reaches out to coaches to find their needs.

Your son/daughter will receive the same determination, effort, and motivation to get them seen by college coaches. With Tommy’s guidance, your child’s life will change drastically. Tommy is a firm believer that everyone can succeed if they work hard enough at what they want. As a cancer survivor, Tommy has been up against the odds and prevailed. Each day is a different day and today may just be your day!

“I look forward to not only being part of the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour but watching each member grow as a person, athlete, a student of the game and more importantly a student in the classroom. This is an exciting time for not only RecruitLook but for you too!” -Canale