What is the RLJGT?

The RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour (RLJGT) was founded to give golfers a competitive landscape to improve their golf game, while increasing their visibility to college coaches.  Our goal is to conduct professionally-run tournaments that are affordable, fun, and competitive for all golfers/families. The RLJGT began in 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has now expanded into new regions across the country. Each tour location will feature some of the nicest golf courses in the area — giving junior golfers the chance to play great courses at an affordable rate!  Each event is a new 36-hole tournament for boys and girls ranging from 9-18 years in age. Each tour will operate their own separate tournaments and have their own overall tour winners. The Tour Championship will be held at the end of the year for each tour.  Make sure you are dedicated to improving your game on the range and practice greens; because the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour will only have ONE CHAMPION!

Read more about the RLJGT at the About Us page

How is the RLJGT different from other tours?

We offer the highest in customer service at all our events.  By paying attention to the details, we are able to bring to the players and parents a memorable golf experience.  Most people will say we are a friendly tour; because our tournaments are built to help junior golfers.  Our staff is very passionate about junior golf and providing the juniors with the tools necessary to succeed.  We create the most professional junior golf tournament experience… at the most affordable price.
We play on some of the best courses in the country and will continue to strive to always find courses that will challenge the players.

We put an emphasis on college golf recruiting too.  The purpose of playing in competitive events like on the RLJGT is to get more college recruiting exposure. We’ll have RecruitLook Scouts at each event to scout and evaluate the talent, offering constructive feedback to help the golfers better position themselves for college scholarship opportunities.  Furthermore, we’ll be inviting college coaches to attend the RLJGT events, as well as sending out tournament results to each college golf coach around the country.

We value each and every one of our tour participants.

Does the RLJGT have a tour champion?

Yes. The goal of the tour is to accumulate enough points at the events to qualify for the invite only Tour Championship.

We’ll crown the tour winner after the completion of the Tour Championship.

Each tournament event will also have individual winners.

How does the point system work for the RLJGT?

RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour

*Player of the Year Points Breakdown
Position Points Position Points
1st 300 1st 600
2nd 250 2nd 500
3rd 200 3rd 400
4th 175 4th 350
5th 150 5th 300
6th 125 6th 250
7th 100 7th 200
8th 90 8th 180
9th 80 9th 160
10th 70 10th 140
11th 60 11th 120
12th 50 12th 100
13th 40 13th 80
14th 30 14th 60
15th 20 15th 40
16th 10 16th 20
17th 9 17th 18
18th 8 18th 16
19th 7 19th 14
20th 6 20th 12
21st 5 21st 10
22nd 4 22nd 8
23rd 3 23rd 6
24th 2 24th 4
25th 1 25th 2
26th 1 26th 2
27th 1 27th 2
28th 1 28th 2
29th 1 29th 2
30th 1 30th 2

What should you expect at a RLJGT event?

Expect professional and courteous RLJGT staff; expect quality venues; expect a safe environment; expect to live up to the RLJGT Code of Conduct; expect to play by the Rules of Golf, with Rules Officials on course to assist you; expect to play against the top competition from your region and from across the country; expect to have fun; and expect a great overall experience.

Does the RLJGT ever recommend professional golf instruction for junior golfers?

Yes. Please contact us for more information about hiring a PGA teaching professionals for your junior golfer.

How Do Age Divisions and Yardages Breakdown?

Age divisions and yardages for all RLJGT events are:
Boys 15-18 Minimum 6,200 Yards
Boys 13-14 Minimum 6,200 Yards
Boys 11-12 Minimum 5,800 Yards
Boys 9-10 Minimum 4,500 Yards
Girls 15-18 Minimum 5,500 Yards
Girls 13-14 Minimum 5,500 Yards
Girls 11-12 Minimum 5,000 Yards
Girls 9-10 Minimum 4,500 Yards

Yardages at our events will be based on the playability and difficulty of the course. In order to receive AJGA recognition, a field of at least 40 boys is needed.  We will sometimes combine the 13-14 & 15-18 to reach this number, but the 13-14 will still have their age division champion. In the girls division, it is 12 players, boys 11-12, 20 players, and 6 girls in the 11-12.

Can You Play Up in an Older Division?

You may play up in an older division if you wish.  Simply call the Tournament Director and he will discuss placement with you. If you do choose to play up, your scores will only be associated with the age division you are playing up in.

If my child has a birthday in the middle of the season, will they be moved up to the next age division immediately?

No.  Juniors must finish the current series of tournaments in the same age division that they started the series.  Your juniors age on June 30th will determine the age they participate at for the year.

Are Golfers Allowed To Have Caddies?

Junior’s 9-10 are allowed to have a caddie.  This may be a parent or any individual at least 18 years old.  Caddies may rent a cart at their own expense to carry a players clubs, but the player may not ride in the cart at any time except when being shuttled between holes (to keep pace of play). All players must walk during the play of each hole.

For most tournaments, juniors 11 & older may not have a caddie and may either carry their own bags or use a pull cart.  However, for some select events, caddies will be allowed for all age groups.

Does each golfer have to be a member to play in a RLJGT event?

No.  You can pay a member or non-member fee. Members pay less per event plus everything in the Membership Benefits.

How much do the RLJGT membership fees cost?

There is an annual fee of $100 to become a RLJGT member.

How much does it cost to play in a RLJGT event?

Membership Fee = $100

Each Event for Boys/Girls 11-18 age groups (36-hole price; 18 holes each day) = $110 for members & $150 for non-members.
Pay-as-you-go for a single event
*prices may vary on select events depending on course location and Tour location

Each Event for Boys/Girls 9-10 age group (18-hole price; 9 holes each day) =
$55 for members & $80 for non-members.
Pay-as-you-go for a single event
*prices may vary on select events depending on the course location and Tour location

How long does the tour membership fee last?

Regardless of when you sign up during the year, the Tour membership fee is good until December 31st of that year.

What Courses are on the RLJGT?

We will play some of the best courses in the area. You can view upcoming tournaments on the schedule page.

How do you enter a RLJGT event?

You can view upcoming tournaments under the schedule page. Simply click the Register button to be redirected to our online portal to register your player and pay your entry fee.

How many days do RLJGT events last?

Every RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour event is a 2-day tournament. 11-18 year old age groups play a 36-hole tournament, while the 9-10 year old age groups play a 18-hole tournament (9-holes each day).

Will you get scouted at RLJGT events?

Yes, a RecruitLook college scout will be at all events and your results will be sent to all college coaches.  College coaches will be invited and made aware of all the RLJGT events.

What happens if you withdrawal from a RLJGT event?

We are now offering Event Insurance for each tournament at $10. This will allow you to transfer tournaments without losing the tournament registration fee from the event you are trying to transfer out of. We cannot transfer golfers from event-to-event without the Event Insurance Policy.

This policy will also cover any withdrawals that happen at any time before the event begins. It does not cover any withdrawals during or on the day of tournament play. With this policy, you would not be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel before the day of the event.

How can you cancel/withdrawal from a RLJGT event?

Send an email to the Tour Director to cancel from any RLJGT event, or simply go through the cancellation links from within Blue Golf’s software. There is a cancellation fee if you do not have the Event Insurance and/or cancel before the day of the event.

Can you enter an event after the entry deadline has passed?

No. Once the entry deadline has passed, entries will not be accepted.  There may be a very rare occasion where the entry deadline would be extended by one or two days.

What does it mean if you are an alternate?

It means that you’ve registered for an event in which there are more entries than spots available, and you have been placed on an alternate/waitlist.

If you are an alternate and you get into an event, you will be notified immediately by Tour staff via text or email.  If you do not get into an event, you will be guaranteed priority entry into the next event that you sign up for.

What are the RLJGT’s weather policies?

Only extreme weather related conditions will delay or suspend play, including but not limited to the safety of the player or the condition of the golf course.  Every attempt will be made to complete the Tournament in its entirety.  Should inclement weather delay and/or postpone the first round of play, the round may be completed on any part of day one and resume and/or conclude on day two.

Discontinuation and resumption of play will be handled under USGA Rule 6-8.  If play is delayed on day one, all players should remain on property of the host facility.  Every effort will be made to resume play on day one.  When play is resumed, competitors on the golf course will return to the spot that they left when play was stopped.

Players will be given an appropriate amount of time to prepare for play to begin.  If all holes cannot be completed, at least 18 holes will be counted to determine the outcome.  There are no refunds if weather should shorten the event.

Are RLJGT Events Ranked?

All of RLJGT are ranked on Junior Golf Scoreboard and Global Junior Golf Rankings.