What is the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour (RLJGT)?
How is the RLJGT different from other tours?
Does the RLJGT have a tour champion?
How does the point system work for the RLJGT?
What should you expect at a RLJGT event?
Does the RLJGT ever recommend professional golf instruction for junior golfers?
How Do Age Divisions and Yardages Breakdown?
Can You Play Up in an Older Division?
If my child has a birthday in the middle of the season, will they be moved up to the next age division immediately?



Are Golfers Allowed To Have Caddies?


Does each golfer have to be a member to play in a RLJGT event?
How much do the RLJGT membership fees cost?
How much does it cost to play in a RLJGT event?
How long does the tour membership fee last?


What Courses are on the RLJGT?
How do you enter a RLJGT event?
How many days do RLJGT events last?
Will you get scouted at RLJGT events?
What happens if you withdrawal from a RLJGT event?
How can you cancel/withdrawal from a RLJGT event?
Can you enter an event after the entry deadline has passed?
What does it mean if you are an alternate?
What are the RLJGT's weather policies?
What are the spectator rules for RLJGT events?


Parents spend thousands of dollars every year on their kid’s golf expenses.  There is travel to events, the cost of events, the cost of a golf coach, the price of new clubs, and the cost of new golf attire and accessories.  It adds up!  But, what are you doing to make sure this all pays off in the form of a golf scholarship?

College coaches will look at the whole picture when evaluating a golfer: grades, handicap, character, but they really don’t mind what tour a golfer wins or scores well on as long as they are winning!

Tommy Canale, RecruitLook Scout, says, “The first thing a college coach ask me when talking about a recruit is ‘How many wins do they have, and how many top five finishes?’ ”  “They aren’t concerned about any specific tour as long as the golfer is shooting good scores,” adds Canale.

Most high school golfers don’t know how to answer this question:  What are you doing to make sure all your training and competitive events pay off?

“I spoke with at least 10 division one golf programs this past week about a few golf prospects. Each coach expressed their support of the RLJGT and how we will help bridge the gap between high school golfer and college golf coach,”  said Canale.

Some golfers won’t play on specific events because they’re afraid it will hurt their rankings. We’ve done extensive research to figure out the rankings that a lot of companies use.  The top finding are this:

1.) Majority of the rankings are determined by the score a golfer shoots, regardless of where the tournament is played and the competition of the field.  A good score is a good score. Period.

2.) A player will not be dinged for playing on RLJGT if they are playing in at least 9 events that are a combination of AJGA, Golf Channel Tour, Toyota Tour Cup, and Future’s Champions. The ranking companies encourage golfers to go out and play in other tours (more tours only helps grow the sport); therefore, playing in anything over 9 events on the aforementioned tours will not affect their rankings while playing on the RLJGT.