Play ready golf throughout the round, even if your group is ahead of pace timing.

Always be ready to play when it is your turn.

Walk with purpose between shots.

Do your range finder measuring while the other player hits their shot.

Play a provisional ball if you believe your ball may be out of bounds or lost “through the green”, (outside of a hazard). Be sure to announce your intention to play a provisional.

Play a second ball under Rule 3-3, If a player has doubt as to procedure, he/she may complete the hole with two balls and a ruling may be made at the end of the round. The player must announce which ball he/she would like to score with, if the Rules permit, and the facts of the situation must be reported to the Committee before the player returns his/her scorecard. This is an alternative to waiting for a Rules Official to make a ruling and can allow a group to continue playing without delay.

Walk immediately to your ball, even if a fellow competitor is looking for a ball, taking relief from a hazard, or receiving a ruling from an official. Continue playing and hole out, allowing the other player to catch up after their ball is found or a ruling has been rendered.

When spotters, officials or parents are available to help search for a potentially lost ball, the AJGA recommends that the other players go forward to play his next shot or shots and HOLD THE GROUP’S POSITION ON THE GOLF COURSE.

Walk with purpose between shots.

Realize your group is “on the clock” as soon as you play from the teeing ground on your first hole.

All players will abide by the strictly enforced “Pace of Play” set by the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour. All players are expected to play by the “Get Crackin” pace of play format, play ready golf throughout your entire round.

  1. The first player to finish putting out will collect their equipment and immediately proceed to the next hole and prepare to tee off. This person is the first to tee it up on the next teeing ground.
  2. The second player to hole out in the group will be responsible for replacing the flagstick.
  3. Once the final player in the group holes out, replace the flag and the remaining players will quickly proceed to the next hole and continue play.

(This procedure only applies to groups of three or more.)