You can become a Junior Golf Tour Director! Join the RecruitLook Junior Golf Team as a Tour Director in your area! Here is how you get started
  1. Review the job information below.
  2. Submit your resume to us at [email protected] | subject line: Tour Director
  3. The RecruitLook Team will review your submitted email and resume.
  4. If we like your application, a RecruitLook Staff Member will follow up with you after reviewing your resume to schedule an interview.
  5. We will interview each candidate that we feel is qualified. Interviews will happen via skype or phone call.

Job Overview to become a Tour Director

We are seeking motivated individuals and groups that share our passion in helping junior golfers showcase their skills out on the links — in a fun and competitive environment. As a Tour Director, you’re organizing and running golf tournaments to give boys and girls, ages 9-18 a platform to excel. If you are not passionate about running events and helping kids, then please do not apply.

As a Tour Director you must:

  • You need to have the passion to help others
  • You need to have access to junior golfers
  • You need to have connections to individuals and/or companies that work with junior golfers
  • You have to be willing to network with new potential customers
  • You should have a background in running and organizing golf events
  • You have to be detailed-oriented, organized, hard-working, and accessible to junior golfers and their parents

No Franchise Fee Needed to Get Started

We do not require you to pay us a franchise fee to start a Junior Golf Tour in your area. In fact, we’ll cover must everything you’ll need to get started. We only require that you have operated junior golf events currently or in the past, have assisted with working in and around golf events, and/or have an extensive database of junior golfers.

What do I get as a Junior Golf Tour Director?

You get the enjoyment of working as your own boss. Your earnings potential is indicative to how hard you work. Some Tour Directors are fine managing a smaller tournament schedule in order to make a nice supplemental income, while other Tour Directors make this a full-time job. As a Tour Director, you will be assigned to a certain region. It will be your job to network, market, and solicit business in your area.

We will provide you with marketing materials for onsite at each event, RLJGT apparel (sponsored by Under Armour), and we’ll be on call for you to assist with any questions you’ll have about how RLJGT operates an event. Furthermore, we’ll handle all the marketing through social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email campaigns. We’ll also assist in setting up each event through our registration platform.

We want to take as much off your plate as possible, and let you focus on running first class events!

We will work to our full potential and explore every avenue possible to ensure that you are successful.

What do I have to do to become a RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour Director?

First step is to submit your resume to our offices for review. Please include your contact info, social media links, and links to any events that you have put on in the past.  Send all inquiries to: [email protected] with the subject line: Tour Director.

We will review all applications as a team and get back with you with any questions.

What are the requirements to become a RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour Director?

  1. You need to be passionate about helping junior golfers.
  2. You’ll need to have good contacts. We are looking for candidates that have a built-in database or audience…either an email database or social media following.
  3. You need to have connections to golf courses in your area. Setting up a tour schedule can be arduous if you are not well connected, or if you don’t have the work ethic to build relationships with golf pros.
  4. Time. You have to dedicate time to your job. You will spend a considerable amount of time getting golfers to sign up, but it doesn’t stop there. As a Tour Director, you will be in charge of working the event from beginning to end — setting the event up, setting the course up, working the 2-day tournament, handing out trophies, taking photos at the event for the RLJGT website, breaking down the event setup, and writing a recap of the event for fans and college coaches. If you don’t have the time to do this then don’t apply.
  5. Travel. You need to have your own transportation. Some events could be 10 minutes from your home, and others could be 2 hours from your home…just depending on your area. You’ll need to have reliable transportation.

Why are your junior golf events so successful?

We put a strong emphasis on running quality events. Details matter — we don’t cut corners, and we provide golfers with an opportunity to play nice golf courses. This combination along with our in-house college recruiting platform separates us from the competition. Most of the competing tours partner with a third party recruiting service to spam and up-sell packages to simply improve the bottom line. We started off as a recruiting company, successfully placing thousands of athletes into college — ultimately saving families millions with scholarship funds. Whether a junior golfer has the skills and scores to play at the next level or is too young to start thinking college, parents and golfers appreciate our college recruiting insights and built-in college coach network to provide golfers with more knowledge and opportunities to the next level. 


How much does it pay?

Your pay will depend on a few things: golf course fees and number of players are the main factors. However, you can make good money running a RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour in your area. You’ll earn a percentage of the event AND membership revenue, with the chance to get bonuses based on meeting financial projections.