Social Distancing Guidelines

Below are the steps we will take on the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour moving forward to keep our golfers safe. Please make sure you read these prior to your round and abide by these guidelines.


Last updated 2/27/21


  • There is NO registration table. You are required to be at the first tee 10 minutes prior to your tee time. NO SOONER.
  • We will not have an official scoring area  You’ll view updates on RLJGT’s Blue Golf website.


  • Please don’t arrive super early and just hang around the course and clubhouse. Try your best to do pre-round routines before arriving to the course.
  • Please check with each golf course to see what their policies are regarding availability of driving range and use of the putting green.
  • Only one group will be allowed on the first tee at a time.  You will be directed when it is your time to come to the tee.


  • No shaking hands or high fives. 
  • Announce your ball on first tee prior to teeing off after being announced to tee off. 
  • Leave the flagstick in at ALL TIMES. Nobody can touch or remove the flagstick throughout the round. All golfers will have to putt with the flagstick in. EXCEPT if there is an issue where the flag is obstructing a golfer on a short putt. In this instance, we will designate one person in each group that is allowed to remove the flagstick. This person will be given disposable gloves by RLJGT. After using a glove on a flagstick, please discard that glove and use a new one for the next time.
  • Bunkers. There will be no rakes. Bunkers will be part of the general area. Practice swings ARE NOT allowed to touch the sand, and players are required to smooth out footprints and divot from shot using their foot.  
  • Parents are to stay on the cart path at all times, and are not allowed to help look for lost balls or give them water or food–except at the turn. 
  • Carts are allowed with ONE parent and ONE junior in a cart. No others allowed…anyone else must walk. No children in middle or others riders. 
  • Restrooms will be open on the course. Most clubhouses are open at this time and restrooms are also open.


  • Junior Golf Scoreboard is back and all scores will be reported to JGS and Global Junior Golf Rankings. 
  • We will play off FIRST place only in case of ties with NO spectators and only those involved in the playoff.  
  • Awards WILL be presented but not handed out as they will be picked up by the winner only from a designated area or table. We ask only those that know they are in first, second, or third to be present or anyone that may be asked to wait or if you may be in the mix for an award.
  • There is NO score sheets. All scores can be found on our website at our Blue Golf Website for RLJGT.


  • We will take the necessary precautions to ensure the health & safety of everyone involved, along with coordinating with the golf course on their health and safety guidelines.
  • We recommend anyone at the course to wear a mask. We are not mandating it…but recommend it.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Please bring your own hand sanitizer to use throughout the day around the clubhouse and on the course. If you touch the flag…use hand sanitizer. If you clean your ball… use the hand sanitizer. If you use the restroom out on the course (if they are open)… use hand sanitizer and wash hands. If you touch anything… use hand sanitizer.  

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