All RecruitLook Junior Golf Events will consist of 36 holes of stroke play for the 11-18 Boys & Girls age divisions, and 18 holes (9-holes each day) of stroke play for the 9-10 Boys & Girls age divisions.  The winner of any event will automatically qualify for the season ending Tour Championship.  All other invitees will be determined by their position on the points list.  The top third in each age division plus ties in final points after last event prior to the Tour Championship will be invited to participate in the final event of the year. Some tours will open the Tour Championship to anyone, with the season-long Tour Champion being crowned along with the winner of the event.


A playoff at all tour events will be for first place only.  All other ties will be broken by a scorecard playoff as determined by the USGA Rules of Golf.


Age groups for the RLJGT for both boys and girls are as follows: 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18.  The boys 13-14 will on occasion play the same yardage as the boys 15-18, this will only be done in events where we are able to reach AJGA minimum numbers to be considered for PBE points.  Regardless of which tees the boys 13-14 play from, they will always have a 13-14 event winner.  If the number of entries do not reach AJGA established parameters, the 13-14 will play from a shorter distance.


Tournament Awards

At all events, First Place Winners will be awarded a trophy; Second and Third Place will receive medals.

Points Winner

The overall points winner for each age division will be awarded a trophy at the conclusion of the Tour Championship.

Tour Champion Award

At the Tour Championship, First Place will be awarded a Tour Champion trophy; plaques will be awarded for second through fifth place.

Tour Champions will be featured on the RecruitLook Junior Golf website and


Tour Champions will be featured on the RecruitLook Junior Golf website and

RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour
*Player of the Year Points Breakdown
PositionPoints PositionPoints
1st300 1st600
2nd250 2nd500
3rd200 3rd400
4th175 4th350
5th150 5th300
6th125 6th250
7th100 7th200
8th90 8th180
9th80 9th160
10th70 10th140
11th60 11th120
12th50 12th100
13th40 13th80
14th30 14th60
15th20 15th40
16th10 16th20
17th9 17th18
18th8 18th16
19th7 19th14
20th6 20th12
21st5 21st10
22nd4 22nd8
23rd3 23rd6
24th2 24th4
25th1 25th2
26th1 26th2
27th1 27th2
28th1 28th2
29th1 29th2
30th1 30th2