It is obvious to anyone who meets Paul that he has a passion for two things, golf and kids.  That combination has lead Paul to be an outstanding youth golf leader in Las Vegas.  Paul and his team have built up significant enthusiasm in the junior golf community by running very efficient tournaments and achieving exceptional participation.  In addition, Paul’s obvious mission is to promote a sense of sportsmanship, competitiveness, and confidence while also facilitating an environment for camaraderie amongst competitors.  My daughter and I are always excited to participate in events where Paul is at the helm.– -Dusty Allen, Parent
Our daughters have participated in Junior Golf tournaments with Paul Brown for over 4 years now. What we really appreciate about Paul is the positive manner in which he directs each and every tournament. His personal care and attention extends to all participants, making every child feel welcomed and recognized. Both developing and seasoned Junior golfers find Paul approachable with his personal attention to any matter at hand. He shares his wealth of knowledge and provides great insight on how tournaments are conducted, including great explanations on the rules and his rulings. Junior Golf really benefits from dedicated golf professionals such as Paul Brown!– -Meina and Rick Mission, Parents
We are looking forward to the RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour coming to Las Vegas and feel it will bring many recruitment opportunities and exposure to college coaches– -Shari MacFawn, Parent
We have held numerous junior golf events at the Boulder City golf course for many years, but I must recognize the outstanding work and dedication Paul has shown in working closely with all the players and parents to build each tournament to the success it is. I will always welcome any of the golf events that Paul Brown would bring to us and would highly recommend other courses to hold junior tournaments run by Paul Brown.– -Tony Fiorentini, PGA Head Golf Professional at Boulder City Municipal Golf Course
It’s exciting that a new RecruitLook Junior Golf Tour is coming to Las Vegas. It will be great that the kids will be playing new and different golf courses throughout different states. It will give chances to be seen by recruiters to further their college careers. Cameron is very excited to be a part of this tour. He is looking forward to be playing the best of the best!– -Tina Parzekoff, Parent
The RecruitLook junior golf tour will help my daughter’s recruitment process by allowing college coaches to look at her performance on the golf course.– -Joseph Valle, Parent
Paul Brown is a powerful source of positive energy for junior golfers in the greater Las Vegas area. He is passionate about the development of young golfers — their emotional and psychological growth as much as their swing. Paul’s tournaments are expertly managed, yet he constantly strives to improve the experience for everyone. My daughter now plays college golf but her first junior tournament, as well as her final one here at home in Las Vegas, were Paul Brown events.– -Patrick Clark, Parent