We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus and updates from the CDC and World Health, as well as communicating with local officials and golf courses.

As of right now we are planning on running our April 18-19 event at Desert Willow. Desert Willow is open and plan on staying open.

We have limited the tourney field to 36 total golfers, and we are asking that only ONE family member accompany each golfer. We are going to follow a strict policy on this. This will help limit the number of people in and around the clubhouse and other golfers.

The health and safety of our golfers and families is very important to us. We are going to implement the following precautions for our upcoming events.

-Leave the flagstick in at ALL TIMES. Nobody can touch or remove the flagstick throughout the round. All golfers will have to putt with the flagstick in.

-Scorecards. We will not be exchanging scorecards for each golfer to track another opponent. Instead, we will have each golfer track their own score and the other golfers in their group. Each golfer will finish a hole and then list off their scores for everyone to track on their OWN scorecards. Tommy will explain how scoring and verifying of scores will be done at the tee.

-Groups. We are limiting each tee time to a max of 3 golfers instead of 4.

-Registrations.  One person at a time at registration table. No actual signing in and be ready to take photos of all necessary material. 

-Social Distancing. Please, please, please practice safe social distancing. This means no high-fives, no handshakes, no fist bumps, no grouping together for pictures. Try to stay 6 feet away from each other at all times–including when you are on the tee box and greens. 

-Hand Sanitizer. Please bring your own hand sanitizer to use throughout the day around the clubhouse and on the course. If you touch the flag…use hand sanitizer. If you clean your ball… you the hand sanitizer. If you use the restroom out on the course… use hand sanitizer and wash hands. If you touch anything… use hand sanitizer. 

-Wash Your Hands.  Please make sure to wash your hands often while you’re at the course. Use hot water and soap — and scrub for at least 20 seconds.

-Feeling Sick. Please stay home if you are feeling sick. We will issue you a credit for another event or refund you. Again, please stay home if you are feeling sick.

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